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Age in Your Home & Community

In the desire to keep people in their homes or a home-like environment, Healthy Aging MV’s Aging in the Community workgroup has identified the “green house” model, alternative/associated models, volunteerism, and technology as key components of supporting the health and well-being of older adults. The use of remote patient monitoring (RPM) and medical monitoring devices (MMDs) will help to maintain older adult independence, as well as manage disease status.

The process of aging is typically measured in years, but more importantly, it involves the gradual and sometimes unforeseen deterioration of body and cognitive status, leading to a reduction of ability, or inability, to function independently within one’s home and/or community.


Aging starts at birth and influences all the choices and decisions that we make about how we take care of ourselves, how we manage and conduct our lives, how we think about our education, our jobs, our families and our communities, and everything else that shapes the people we become (to paraphrase a passage from Ken Dychtwald’s 1999 book, Age Power).


As described in the Massachusetts Health Policy Forum issue brief of December 2009, "healthy aging encompasses all aspects of a person's life, including staying involved with friends, family, and community; having a purpose and finding meaning in life; feeling safe and secure; eating and drinking healthfully; staying physically active; and being proactive about managing one's health."

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