Greenhouse Feasibility Study


Over the last 2 years HAMV raised funds for and conducted a study of the local demand for and financial feasibility of building GreenHouse facilities for both Assisted Living/Memory Care and as a possible MVH alternative for Windemere. The GreenHouse model features a small scale home-like (not institutional) setting with 10-12 private rooms/private bath per home, family style dining, an open kitchen and a unique staffing model using Certified Nursing Assistants which maximizes the amount of quality time/attention given to residents by staff.


 Recent studies indicate there is demand for both types of facilities, and that the economics of this model are much better than what Windemere currently experiences. After release, MV Hospital and the entire community will need to discuss what is needed, and if the GreenHouse approach is appropriate, how to find developer, construction funding and land.


Greenhouse Feasibility Executive Summary


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