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Safe Seniors

Would you know what to do if a senior entered your retail shop or restaurant and appeared disoriented, or if he or she wasn't dressed for the weather? If an older adult you know suddenly seems irate or angry, or is confused about who you are or why he or she is there? What if you are a bank teller and an older adult makes irrational requests regarding a bank account? Or if you are walking down a snowy sidewalk and see an older adult barefoot or wearing pajamas?

To guide our community in supporting our elders in situations that require support, Healthy Aging MV partnered with the Center for Living and the island's Councils on Aging to create a training program. Safe Seniors is a training program that will be presented at restaurants, for merchant groups, for libraries, police, fire and EMT personnel, storekeepers, postal workers, supermarket employees, and more in the coming year. These groups will be trained to learn the signs of confusion, neglect, abuse, isolation, etc., and will learn how to help the elder (if appropriate) and whom to call to ensure the elder is supported.

To request a presentation for your group or employees, please contact HAMV via email or by calling 508-693-7900 ext 455.

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