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Caregivers Support


Healthy Aging Marth's Vineyard aims to build capacity and integration of services to support informal caregiving/caregivers on Martha’s Vineyard.


Healthy Aging MV's focus is on informal caregivers, as opposed to persons who are considered part of the workforce (i.e. those providing caregiver services from agencies such as the VNA, Elder Services, COAs, etc.). These caregivers, sometimes known as the shadow workforce, could be family members such as spouses or children, neighbors, volunteers, out of town family. Healthy Aging MV emphasizes ways to support these caregivers and determine what their needs are, what support already exists, and what will be needed for them going forward. It is hard to separate their work from the care provided by the workforce caregivers but the Healthy Aging MV plan attempts to do this.


Find out more about the Healthy Aging MV  Powerful Tools for Caregivers trainings here. 

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