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Affordable, accessible, and convenient transportation systems have been identified as a top priority, and an underlying assumption upon which the work of several of the Healthy Aging Martha's Vineyard workgroups (including Housing, Aging in Community, Challenges in Healthcare, and Community Engagement) are based. As the Island population ages and more people are, for safety reasons and of necessity, forced to give up driving, transportation will be the common thread that ties together the pieces of the service network that support the future of healthy aging on Martha’s Vineyard.


The focus of the Transportation workgroup will be to inventory the current public transportation services (including alternative “volunteer” models) that address the needs of older and/or handicapped, non-driving residents.


Infrastructure is also a key aspect of the general mobility and safety of our older adult and handicapped populations:


• Do roads have clear signs, lines, and markers, and are they plowed?


• Are sidewalks even, curbs accessible, snow and debris cleared away?


• Are public buildings and doorways accessible for wheelchairs?


• Are walking trails and bike paths available and safe for older adults?

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