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Community Engagement


The Importance of Being Social








Isolation, depression, and chronic disease are often problems for aging Vineyarders.  Many people want to continue to make social connections and be active and involved in the community, particularly in intergenerational ways, yet physical mobility may be an issue and they may require assistance. Awareness of the many existing opportunities for engagement and prevention needs to be expanded, especially by increasing computer literacy among older adults and by providing more of them (and also their caregivers and family, including those who may live off Island) with such opportunities.  

While community engagement and volunteer opportunities can help prevent depression and isolation among older adults, sharing information about healthy nutrition, chronic disease, and fall prevention is also an important priority. HA-MV plans to coordinate its community engagement and prevention efforts through the local newspapers; organizations such as the YMCA, Councils on Aging, ACE MV, Featherstone Center for the Arts, and the Martha’s Vineyard Museum; and each Island town library’s adult education programs.

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