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MV Older adult 2020 Survey Results

Survey Background and Objectives

With our Older Adult population rapidly increasing here on the Island and with 1 in 3 residents 65+, the need for credible and current data on the "state-of-the-Island" Older Adult perspective has become increasingly important. The last survey conducted by HAMV occurred in 2015. HAMV, working with the Boston University's MetroBridge program, undertook an island-wide survey with all Older Adults 60+, in late 2020. The objective was to make available to any organization, government, or individual on our Island, a comprehensive understanding of how Older Adults spend their days, their volunteer contribution, service/support needs, transportation and infrastructure behaviors/preferences/needs, technology usage, and impact of COVID to support  planning, priority setting and collaboration across the island with those who serve this population.

Aquinnah Report

Chilmark Report

Edgartown Report

Oak Bluffs Report

Tisbury Report

West Tisbury Report


Please contact Cindy Trish if you would like more information about the survey or presentation of the findings to your group.

human side of the numbers

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Summary and Key Findings

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