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The 2020 island-wide older adult survey Closed!!!

Healthy Aging Martha’s Vineyard island-wide older adult survey is now closed. Thank you so much for your participation. This island would not be home without all of our wonderful older adult residents, seasonal and year-round.


We will update as soon as possible with our findings. The information you provided will help inform future programs and prioritize island infrastructure to support our Older Adult population. 


We are grateful to all our Martha's Vineyard older adults and their contributions to the island. Please continue to be engaged, our community is all the richer for it. Thank you for showing up.

Learn about the Home Safety Modification Program!

Healthy Aging Martha's Vineyard

Meets the needs of Martha's Vineyard elders and their families, so they are healthy, safe, valued, and respected as they live out their lives on the Vineyard

Happy New YEar!



2021 shines bright with optimism for a pandemic turnaround and a return to a lifestyle we've missed. And perhaps as importantly, an opportunity to build on what we've learned about ourselves and our world during this time, to ensure we are living our "best" lives whatever that means for each of us.


HAMV starts the year excited to utilize what we've heard from our older adults who participated in our 2020 survey. We have received approximately 2,500 responses to this comprehensive survey, which will be the basis for priority setting and immediate activation for us, island agencies and local governments. We will be sharing this information via "town hall" sessions with those of you who completed the survey, so stay tuned for more information on that.


Here's to a year of healthy aging for all of us on our wonderful island.




Executive Director

UMass Interview Opportunity

The Aging Together Study at UMass Boston is looking for senior children (aged 65+) of parents (aged 90+) with dementia.


They want to learn what their relationship with their parent is like, what challenges they may face, and what types of support they need. They are also interested in how COVID-19 may be impacting families, and how they are navigating the current challenges.


This is a one-time, approximately 90 minute interview that will be conducted remotely via method of the participants choice (phone or video calls). Participants will receive $40 as a thank you.


Call or email for more information:

agingtogether@umb.edu, 617-901-1082.

Covid Vaccine Schedule

Everyone is anxious to get the COVID vaccine and bring these hard times to a close. The MV Hospital is adhering to the schedule set out by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. For more information about the Covid vaccine and resources, click here to go to the MV Hospital website.


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