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What is it?

Our innovative Home Sharing Pilot Program simply matches
homes with spare rooms owned by Older Adults with qualified
single adults, 18 and older.
Island employers will help identify potential guests that are in need of housing. Priority will be healthcare workers.

How does it work?

HAMV will collaborate with referral partners, (Island agencies who work with Older Adults), as well as other interested Older Adult Islanders.


HAMV will provide information on home sharing tips and help
complete a matching questionnaire to determine what they would
like in a guest. Then HAMV will work with employers to identify
employees who need housing.


Each host and guest will agree on the specific terms of their arrangement in an agreement signed by both parties. Terms could include a nominal monthly rent or other ways the guest can contribute—such as yard work or snow shoveling. Guest access to the home (kitchen, garage etc.) will also be clearly defined.

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What are the pilot program benefits?

This program will help those dealing with the financial challenges of their daily living expenses. Those who have expressed an increasing sense of isolation, further amplified by the restrictions associated with COVID. And everyone who would welcome a helping hand around the house.

This pilot program:

  • Offers affordable housing

  • Enhances financial well-being

  • Promotes companionship

  • Relieves feelings of loneliness and isolation

  • Maintains independence in a community setting

  • Helps provide security


Do I need additional personal, homeowners or other kinds of insurance to have a Guest in my home?

  • We recommend that you speak with your Insurance Agent to determine if you need additional insurance, although in most cases, it is unlikely that this will be required.

What are typical rents for rooms on the Vineyard? How would I estimate the value of the additional support I am asking from my Guest?

  • HUD produces Fair Market Rents (FMR) for each county in the USA. They are related to the Median Income also produced annually by HUD. While the figures are not in any way related to actual costs – or availability on the Island, they do provide a useful starting point:

    • With utilities for a Studio, $1,967 and a 1-bedroom, $2,178

    • $1,000 to $1,200 for a room with shared kitchen and bathroom access

  • Based on what your expectations are in terms of support from your Guest, during the development of your agreement, you can collaborate on the value of this support that you can subtract from the monthly monetary contribution you are expecting.

What happens if I have a conflict with my Guest/Host?

  • We recommend regular “touchpoint” conversations with your Guest/Host to raise any concerns as early as possible. If you are unable to resolve your conflict, or would like to have an impartial 3 rd party to participate in a discussion, please contact MV Mediation;  or call 508 693 2999. During the development of your agreement, you will have the opportunity to meet with a housing facilitator from MV Mediation.

If I do want to terminate my agreement, what should I do?

  • Adhere to the specifications around termination in your Agreement. Inform HAMV ( of your actions.

What is HAMV’s role in a home sharing agreement?

  • HAMV’s role is to provide you with information and the assets to help you begin a home share. The agreement is between the Host and the Guest. Because we are trialing this program, we will be reaching out periodically to conduct surveys with both the Guest and Host on your feedback about the program.

How can I learn more?

Click here to listen to a recording of HAMV's "Learn all about Home Sharing" meeting.


Contact Cindy Trish or call her at (508) 693-7900 ext 455 for more information.

Interested in participating?

We are excited you are interested in taking part in our Home Sharing Pilot Program.

Please either email your application to Cindy Trish at or physically mail to:

       Cindy Trish

       HAMV, c/o Martha’s Vineyard Community Services

       111 Edgartown Road Vineyard Haven 02568

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